Shane Robinson
artist | coder | maker
About this app

I wanted to create a simple alternative to commercial products like Linktree and*, which are great, but provide a lot of feautures like scheduling, analytics, and integrations that I simply don't want or need. Plus in order to get simple customization features with Linktree it'll cost $72 per year.

I fully support companies charging for their service. And I prefer to pay for digital services rather than suffering ads and companies dealing/selling personal information...which is why I completley deleted my Facebook Profile in May 2017.

But, I'm a programmer and I can build my own alternative to these services since I don't care about most of their features.

I also wanted to start building little apps/sites using 11ty and TailwindCSS and this simple little app is perfect.

Tweet me or drop me an email if you have questions about how I built this.

* NOTE: I use and have paid for scheduling and love it and the company!

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